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Web Site Evaluation

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Web Site Evaluation



When you have a question and you need some answers, the Internet can be a good place to go.  However, not every Web site you find using a search engine is going to suit your needs.  Here are some things to think about as you look at a Web site:



Reliable – Does the information make sense?  Can you find another source that says the same thing?  If the site has images, maps, graphs or other information, does the author say where these came from?


Author – Who wrote this Web site, a person or a group or company)?  Does the author explain any reasons why he or she (or they) might have special knowledge of the subject (are they experts)?  If you wanted to know more, is there any way to contact the author?


Friendly – Is the information on the Web site written so that you can understand it or is the reading level too high?  Is it easy to navigate from page to page or section to section?  Is the Web site hard to read because the colors aren’t right or the font size is too small?  Are words misspelled?


Time – Can you find a copyright date or when the site was last updated?  For your question, is it important that the site be up-to-date?



A mnemonic is something you make up to help you remember a list of items.  We could say that a RAFT will bring us to reliable Web sites.  Use the word RAFT to remember these 4 important things to look for when deciding if a Web site will be useful to us: Reliable, Author, Friendly and Time!




Use this Checklist to evaluate any Web site.


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Elementary Critical Evaluation of a Web Site Survey

                                                                         Middle School Critical Evaluation of a Web Site Survey

                                                                         High School Critical Evaluation of a Web Site Survey

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