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Page history last edited by Anne Corsetti 10 years, 6 months ago

My Research Study

use the presentation as a personal reflection -- by showing you what I learned, you may benefit as well

1.  What I suspected

     writing survey questions is hard!


2.  What I discovered

     writing survey questions is hard!

         the more I read my data, the more questions I thought of that I should have asked.  But the survey needed to be brief so that A) pstudents would answer the questions and B) so we would have enough time to complete the survey in the 30-minute class time.


     people don't read directions

          even when you give students a lot of choices, some will still choose "other" and write in pretty much what one of the choices said (this messes up my pretty graphs!)

          parents sending in consent letters late.  1 student brought his in 4 weeks after I finished administering the survey.


3.  What I'm going to do about it.

     Promote the Playaways more vigorously or at least more than once a year.

     give mini workshops in operating them

     write more grants to purchase more Playaways

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