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Explorers: Information Evaluation

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oday you will be working in groups to find information about an assigned explorer and to evaluate (judge) whether the information seems to be believable and reliable.  Once you and your partner(s) have been given an explorer, you will go to this site http://allaboutexplorers.com/home and click on "Treasure Hunts".  Then choose the hunt for your explorer.


Follow these directions:

1.  Use the organizer (provided) to record your information.

2.  In addition to the 2 information sources provided by the Treasure Hunt, check your answers using World Book Online and Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.  (Go to the Research Information from School page from the Library Web site.)

3.  Once you have answered the 3 fact-based question, discuss with your group "The Big Questions"and record your ideas on the organizer as bullet points.

     What were the similarities and differences in the information you found on the two sites?  How could you explain these differences?

4.  Each student needs to complete an exit card with your name and your thoughts about the following question: 

     What did I learn about the research process from this assignment?



John Cabot

Jacques Cartier

Vasco da Gama

Juan Ponce de Leon

Sir Francis Drake

Henry Hudson

Ferdinand Magellan

Amerigo Vespucci


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