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Topic 3 Avatars

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Topic 3: Avatars

What’s an avatar? An avatar is a pictorial representation of you. It can look somewhat like you, but in comic form, or it might be a picture of something you like. In the computer world, you can use an avatar to create an online personality while still protecting your privacy.

Activity 1: Try one or more of these sites to create your own avatar:



dream avatar


Use may use Screenhunter to do a screen capture of the avatar you create.  Mrs. Corsetti and Mr. Smith will give you directions for how to do this.


Here is an avatar I created with manga.com


Activity 2: Now, write a blog posting about your avatar. Tell which site you used to create it, how you made it, and why you chose the options you did. When you tell which site you used, be sure to make the site name a hyperlink so that your visitors can easily click on it to visit the site. Whenever you refer to another website or page in an online posting, create a hyperlink to make life easy for your readers.


Optional Activity: Create an animated avatar at Voki.  Please note: You do NOT need to set up an account to create a Voki.

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