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Website Evaluation Practice

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Introduction to the Assignment

We have been using Mrs. Skorupski's Website Evaluation Gizmo to try to determine which Websites are useful to students.  Today you will work with a partner to evaluate a specific Website using the gizmo to see if it might help you in answering an essential question.  Each student will then make a report to a group either defending the Website as a useful resource for the essential question or explaining why this Website would not be helpful.


The essential question and the Website are provided for you, below.  As you answer each question on the gizmo, you should take notes on scrap paper to prepare yourself to explain the process you used to answer each question. 


Essential Question

How do the geographic characteristics of the Western Hemisphere affect where people choose to live, how they earn a living, and their everyday life?


Computer A, Laptop 1, Laptop 5

My Wonderful World  http://www.mywonderfulworld.org/index.html?THEBIGDEALBOOK=634407205643362375


Computer C, Laptop 2, Laptop 6

United States Geological Survey  http://geography.usgs.gov/


Computer E, Laptop3, Laptop 7

Geography.com  http://www.geography.com/students.html


Computer G, Laptop4, Laptop 8

Geography Action  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/geography-action/




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