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Central Book Bloggers

Page history last edited by Anne Corsetti 9 years, 1 month ago


To kick off our book blogging project, each student needs to write a short post in the forum "Getting Started - September 2011".


Follow the steps, below, to add a post to the forum.

  1. Go to Central Book Bloggers and read Mrs. Corsetti's blog post Getting Started - September 2011.
  2. Click on the "login" button near the upper left corner and enter your username and password. Your "dashboard" will open up. 
  3. Look near the top right corner for a blue button that says "Visit Site".  Click on this.
  4. The "Getting Started" post whould be displayed.  (If it isn't, click on Home at the top left of the screen.) 
  5. Think about a book you read recently and decide which genre it is, then click on the name of that genre in the forum.
  6. When the page for that genre opens, scroll down to the text box for a new post.  In the text box tells us the title and author of the book and one thing about it.  You only need to write one or two sentences but you need to check your typing for correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization.  When you are done, click on "send Post" and you're done. 

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